Internal Branding Lessons from the Global Adventure


An effective internal communications strategy plays a crucial part in any business. Yet few understand the need to convince employees of the brand’s power. The emotional connection felt by employees is then passed on to the business’s customers.


Our internal branding ‘the Global Adventure’, takes the concept of adventure and applies it to the different roles our team plays within the business. When embarking on an adventure, each role plays an important part in the success.


Creative internal communications can successfully effect change within a business. It can be a challenge knowing where to start or how best to tie it into the existing culture and values. This is where working with an agency can help.


Here are the key lessons we’ve learnt along the way to help guide your own adventure.

  • Choose your moment – internal communications can be effective when a company is experiencing a particular challenge or change and employees are seeking some direction.
  • Linking internal and external marketing – if external and internal communications don’t match, that can be confusing for employees. It can also affect how the company’s integrity is perceived. 
  • Bring the brand to life – internal campaigns need to create an emotional connection for employees so that they live that vision.
  • Get creative – take the time and budget to implement something more creative that really engages people and can work far more effectively.

If you would like to take your company on a creative adventure and see for yourself the difference that communicating and activating your strategy and values can make, then we would love to help. Whether you need signage, internal magazines, internal campaign activations or simply just help getting started, get in touch on 01202 727070 or send us an email.