Ikea Invests in Innovative Light Technology

With plans to remove CFL and halogen lighting and replace with LED instead, Ikea has invested in the Scottish based lighting company, Design LED Products Ltd. The company have developed a unique lighting technology which could transform the future of lighting products. Their light tiles consist of a grid of LEDs which are embedded in resin. The best thing about these tiles are that they are light, low cost and very flexible. This new technology opens up exciting opportunities for lighting design from sculptural style installations to bulb-less lamps where the tiles become the lampshade and the light. As well as looking great the tiles also consume 85% less power than incandescent bulbs but last 20 times longer.

With Ikea’s investment, it won’t be long before Design LED Products technology is incorporated into products for the home. Ikea will be switching it’s entire product range to the technology by September 2015. Check out the video below to see the light tiles in action.



Via Co.Design