How will technology influence homes of the future?

Technology is infiltrating every aspect of our lives and our homes haven’t escaped. Already we can control the heating remotely, operate our televisions via speech recognition and switch the kettle on via our smart phone. As devices become ‘smarter’ the idea of a connected home is becoming a reality and there are all sorts of ideas as to how the ‘internet of things’ can develop this into everyday reality – with everything from lighting, heating and appliances all controlled from a tablet smart hub.

Whilst some elements of connected home already exist, there is still a long way to go. Many areas of the UK still don’t have the internet speeds that would be required for a connected home and so networks will need to be upgraded. Existing homes will also need funding to create the network and new homes will have to be built with this network in place. Service providers will also have to rethink how the increase in data required to run a connected home is offered to consumers.

Whilst we do have some way to go before the connected home becomes a complete reality, 2015 will see this trend for a connected home really start to take shape. Already Apple and BT offer devices for consumers to build a connected home, from Wi-Fi enabled lightbulbs and thermostats to home entertainment systems.  The infographic below, looks at other ways technology could influence our homes in the future.

Via Design Taxi and Frame Your TV