Wanted Wednesday: Here One Earbuds

Imagine being able to┬ácontrol the sounds around you – whether that’s reducing the sounds of an aircraft whilst flying or amplifying certain sounds such as speech. The vision of Doppler Lab’s and their Here One earbuds is to “create the last thing you’ll ever put in your ears,” and they may well have achieved that.

3_Here_One_Both_Colors_WebThese wireless smart buds work with an app which you can set to enhance and/or filter out different sounds based on your settings. Doppler explain that the new system uses what Doppler explains as “adaptive filtering” which can identify and differentiate signals allowing you to tune into what you want.

One of best things about Here One earbuds is that they allow you to leave the buds in your ears allowing for a completely uninterrupted experience. No longer will you have to pause and take off your headphones to communicate with those around you as real-world sounds are layered with audio. Perfect if you want to go for a run but still be aware of surrounding noise, from traffic for example.

6_Here_One_App_Showcase_WebHere One also works with the likes of Siri, Google Now and Cortana – with multiple microphones positioned to allow you to get the best from these smart A.I.s.

If you would like to get your hands on the Here One earbuds, they are available to pre-order for $299 at www.hereplus.me. Currently they are only available in the U.S but international availability will be coming soon.