Global Enlivened

Global Brand Communications is excited to welcome Enliven Installations to the Global Group.
Enliven has been Global’s key partner in transforming environments.
Our clients (and their staff) appreciate having their values and goals brought to life, within the work environment. Enlivened!

We are pleased to announce the following key projects which kick off the new merger:

Molson Coors has brought their internal comm campaigns into the work area, finding new ways to engage staff and make the message part of the way people work.

Britannia Parking are extending their central values and philosophy, with a big office refit. Everything is designed to make an impact to staff and client visitors.

Clients value the 3d visualisations of the proposed environments, from the overall “wow” to being able to gain insights on how the spaces and furniture worked together to improve everyone’s working lives.

As part of the merger, Sharon Parker, the founder and Managing Director of Enliven, has joined the Global team as Commercial Director and continues to drive our Enliven projects.

Contact Sharon on 01202 727070 to enliven your office space.