Global Celebrates 18 Years

Now in the 18th year of our Global Adventure, we wanted to share our story & creative journey so far. From professional football and daily Golden Gate bridge commutes, to now leading creative agency in Bournemouth, it’s been a rollercoaster and there’s many more loop-the-loops in the pipeline.

The Global Story


As a talented technical drawer and designer from a young age, a career in creativity wasn’t always on the cards for Co-Founder & Creative Director, Darren Mooney. His deep passion for football and growing up with his dad playing professionally, a career on the field was looking inevitable before even hitting his teens.

Luckily, a teacher spotted his outstanding technical drawing talent and opened Darren’s mind to attending art school. Further encouraged by his Californian-based uncle running a successful design agency in the States, the stars began to align.

After a 4 year Spatial Design course at AUB whilst playing semi-professional football, off he went for a years’ worth of experience at his uncles agency in CA. 12 months of the scenic commute across the golden Gate bridge every day, the creative bug definitely took hold and career path truly chosen.

Back in the UK and learning the ropes in a local print company, Friday night pub chat with footie pal and construction management graduate, Ben Pratten, turned to starting up a design business. A few pints later, the two young entrepreneurs and their burning desire to take over the world; Global was formed and the journey began.

The Journey


Formed in 1999, Global got straight to work with building their client base and raising awareness. Staying true to their roots, their first projects consisted of the design and production of flyers and posters for every local bar and nightclub in the area. With low overheads and Darren’snbedroom as their office, progress was being made.

The first real game changer for Global came in the early 2000’s when Darren and Ben successfully won their first pitch with a rapidly growing, local recruitment business. Tasked with creating a new brand and all associated collateral, this was Global’s very first step into the world of corporate design.

With momentum in full swing and a good basis of clients under their belts, the day finally arrived where client meetings in Darren’s bedroom could become a thing of the past. New office premises was acquired in Bournemouth and Global creative studio was live, complete with their very first printing press. This smart move paid off quickly and it wasn’t long before their next milestone achievement took place by securing a national recruitment client. Global were then servicing more than 15 offices across the UK with all their creative and printing requirements. With the new level of demand, a quick decision was made to move to a new Town Centre commercial space, new amazing team members recruited and the next milestone achieved.

By 2005, the business was truly taking off and Global bought the very premises that you will find us in today! Being a derelict warehouse in Boscombe, Darren and Ben got to work to develop it to become the ever-evolving and quirky creative hub you see before you.

Expanding the services, growing the team and production facility (with another new press) enabled Global to service amazing clients like Virgin Media, Hall & Woodhouse, Molson Coors and many more. Now firmly grasping their adventure with both hands and with an unstoppable creative team of adventurers, ‘Global’ domination is not far away!

The Future


With many people viewing Global purely as an offline agency, the time has come to truly start flexing our creative muscles in the digital arena. Plans are well under way for a brand new Digital Lab at Global HQ.

Bournemouth is already a digital hotbed of talented companies, so while we are already providing a number of digital services, we’re ready to step it up a notch; digital marketing, animation & video production, digital
publishing – watch this space!

Over more recent months, Global has undergone a restructure including the formation of a brand new leadership team. Launching in just a matter of weeks, we’re looking forward to an upgraded Global, version 2.0.

Only currently using about 60% of our commercial space, plans are firmly in place for further expansion for more production facility, more office space, our Digital Lab and even a seminar space.

We’re all about sharing expertise and collaborative partnerships. Just like our recent partnership with HR trailblazers, Streetwise HR, large-scale graphics company, ENLIVEN, our digital marketing partners LexisClick and our ongoing sponsorship of the Christchurch Food Festival, we want to create the ultimate blend of expertise and level of service so that we can continue to develop great work with our existing clients such as Virgin Media, Thames water, as well as making new relationships. There’s lots of news about this all to be revealed very soon, so make sure you keep up to speed with the Global blog, sign up to receive your free copy of InBrief and see what we’re up to on social media.

Reminiscing with the team…

You’ll always find the Global Team jamming away to an extremely eclectic Spotify playlist in our HQ. The team cast their minds back to when they were 18 years old and their favourite tunes they were listening on their wireless, Walkman, Mini Discman, iPods…

Sharon H – Rio by Duran Duran was played endlessly whilst I was at college and then finally years later I got to see them live.

Tom – Stellar by Incubus was the soundtrack to a carefree summer spent outside skating.

Steph – Mr Brightside by the Killers always reminds me of being out with my friends having fun, making the most of my newfound freedom.

Natasha – Don’tcha by The Pussycat Dolls was played at pretty much every 18th birthday party and never failed to get people on the dance floor.

Darren – Back to Life by Soul II Soul takes me back to my clubbing days where Ben and I began the best partnership since Cagney & Lacey.

Sam – Love Shack by B-52’s reminds me of driving around with the album on full blast.

Dan – Songs about Jane by Maroon 5 was my car album so it always brings back memories of cruising around in my mint green corsa.