Friday Wishlist: The Secret Garden Colouring Book

If you thought colouring books were just for children, think again. The Secret Garden Colouring Book by Johanna Basford makes a beautiful gift for children and adults alike.

The book is full of intricate and detailed magical drawings of flowers, birds and small animals, inspired by Johanna’s summer and winter holidays at Brodrick Castle on the Isle of Arran, where her grandfather was head gardener. Also hidden amongst the illustrations are various creatures to be found, forming a treasure hunt. As well as inky black and white illustrations to colour, there are parts of the garden for you to complete.

The Secret Garden Colouring Book is one of those rare beautifully designed books that if you buy as a gift, you will probably find that you’ll be wishing you’d bought one for yourself too.

The book is available across the globe and recently surpassed the 200,000 sales mark. Johanna is releasing a new colouring book, Enchanted Forest, early next year – and if it is anything like this one, it will be topping our wish list too.

Find out more in this interview¬†about Johanna Basford’s inspiration behind the book, as well as some words of advice for aspiring artists and illustrators. Have a look at some photos of the book below.