Fostering a Company Culture that reflects your Brand

Brand and company culture should go hand-in-hand for businesses. Marketing and HR are a partnership to ensure that a company’s mission, brand and culture work together.

Just as you think about the customer experience, you need to consider the people working for the company. When it comes to recruiting and retaining employees, you can stand out from competitors by showing that you care more than them.

The people you do recruit can be your best marketing tool. If you create the right culture and your employees feel that what they do matters and are engaged then they will enjoy their time in the workplace and become your ambassadors.

Forbes defines company culture as being inherent within the vision, value and assumptions of the business. The company culture is written into the genetic code from the very start. The people you recruit are likely to match that vision, and they will also have a role in shaping the future of the business too.

A strong company culture can help to further your mission and includes everything from the work environment, values, ethics, systems, beliefs and your working language. If everyone is on board and believes in your mission, this builds a strong office culture that will result in happier and more productive employees, which in turn increases employee retention.

Of course, company culture has a lot to do with your office space, which when done right can communicate that culture to both employees and your customers. Depending on your business, you might want to keep the office looking professional but adding some personality can boost morale and productivity.

How your office space looks says a lot about your company values. It’s about knowing what is important to both you and your employees. Values such as collaboration may be reflected in an open layout or flexible breakout areas whilst fun wall vinyl or signage can help to communicate a quirky personality.

As with your marketing, your office design should tell a story and differentiate you from competitors. This is especially important if your clients regularly visit you at the office. First impressions count so make sure your office space is memorable.

Creating a company culture doesn’t just depend on one element. You need to think about it holistically. Your brand is just as much about values and vision as it is a distinctive logo or great products and services. These come together to instil that culture in your employees who in turn convey the brand culture to your customers, investors and shareholders. Get it right and your company will thrive.

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