The key food trends for 2018


With summer behind us and the very definite arrival of autumn, we’ve started to think ahead to 2018. Whilst we’re not quite ready to let go of this year just yet, we know that for the food and hospitality industry it is important to keep track of current and future trends. So before you start to plan next year’s menus, here are the future food trends for 2018.


Root to Leaf

There is an increased focus on the ways that food waste can be limited. As a result, into 2018 expect to see an increase in the number of dishes which seek to make use of every part of the ingredients being used.


Rise of local

There is a growing consumer demand for fresh and local produce. Next year, this trend will take centre stage, with consumers valuing restaurants that source their ingredients locally and therefore how it was grown or raised.


All day Breakfast

Breakfast has recently grown to be a big deal. During 2018 the first meal of the day will lead to more restaurants adopting interesting breakfast-inspired menus, whether that’s all day brunches or artisan breakfasts for the health-conscious.


Korean Cuisine

So far Korean food has stayed under the radar, unlike other Asian food, but in 2018 it will take the spotlight to become more mainstream, as a result of the interest in fermented foods such as kimchi, one of this year’s key trends. Expect to see classics reinvented with a Korean-inspired twist.


Hybrid food

Culinary skill combines with creativity for the hybrid food trend. This year we discovered the delightfully indulgent cronut, and next year suggests we’ll be seeing even more outrageous concoctions like the waffogato (ice cream waffle soaked in espresso). It won’t be limited to sweet treats either with a variety of hybrid fruits and vegetables becoming more commonplace in our supermarkets.


Plant-based dining

As the popularity in plant-based diets shows no signs of stopping, 2018 will see an increasing number of vegan dishes on menus. As accessibility to vegetarian and vegan foods has grown, so has the number of vegans in the UK rising 350% in the past 10 years.


The Sober Scene

An increased interest in improving our health and technology changing the way we socialise has meant that a growing number of people, particularly those aged 16 to 24, are shunning alcohol altogether. As a result, drinks brands have had to up their game when it comes to alcohol-free offerings and mixologists are giving the same level of craft to their ‘mocktails’ as they do their cocktails. It is expected that the range of low and 0% ABV wines and beers will grow in 2018, along with alcohol free spirits such as Seedlip making an entrance onto the sober scene.


Striking colours

Perhaps we have photo-sharing platform Instagram to thank for this trend. Whether it’s blue algae lattes, matcha green buns or black breads, an interesting use of natural ingredients has led to an emerging trend of unusually coloured dishes. Not only does it look pretty, this trend is backed by research that suggests that colour can be associated with taste.

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