Food & Hospitality Twitter Hours


Twitter can be an effective part of a restaurant’s marketing strategy. However, with it being such a busy platform, messages can get lost very easily. Hashtags can be a great way to increase visibility and also get involved with relevant discussions.

If you want to get involved in conversations relating to the food and hospitality industry, be sure to catch any of the networking hours that happen throughout the week. Twitter hours can be a really useful way to build contacts, catch up on the latest news and also to promote your business and expertise.

So that you can view the tweets for that chat in one easy to read stream, we’d recommend setting up a “search” in your preferred Twitter monitoring account. Hootsuite is ideal for this. Just go to your dashboard, click on “add stream” and go to the “Search tab”. Select the Twitter profile you want to use and then add the name of the Twitter hour you want to follow.

Participating is really easy – simply tweet your message during that Hour with the related hashtag. Retweets, likes and replies are all encouraged and are a great way to get involved with the conversation.

There are hundreds of Twitter Hours for all sorts of different business sectors, as well as some more general ones. Here are some food and hospitality related Hours that you could get involved in.

#HotelHour – 8-9pm daily
#VenueHour – 8-9pm Mondays
#EventHour- 9-10pm Wednesdays
#LateBookingHour – 7-8pm Monday
#FoodHour – 8-9pm Tuesday
#CakeClubHour – 3-4pm Friday
#TourismHour – 8-9pm Tuesday
#FoodChats – 8-9pm ET Mondays
#fdbloggers – 8-9pm Thursday

As mentioned above, there are numerous chats related to business in general, as well as local chats. You can find more details of these here. Below are two of the most popular general business Twitter chats that take place every day.

12-1pm #UKBizLunch – every day
2-3pm #BizHour – every day

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