First impressions: Business cards to get you noticed


The business card can be an often-overlooked part of a business’ stationery despite it being a crucial detail in the first impression you make with a potential new client. It depends purely on your business of course, but sometimes taking an unconventional approach with the design and production of your business cards can be effective.

So, if you want to stand out from the crowd and be memorable, here are some ways that you can make a lasting impression with your business cards.

Lego Minifigures

For a totally quirky business card, look to Lego for inspiration. What better way for these kings of creativity to showcase their product than to use minifigs of themselves as business cards with contact details printed on the back. It may be a more unusual format but it works and has inspired a number of other companies to follow Lego’s lead with their own versions.

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Laser Cut

Custom laser cut business cards are ideal for creative businesses who want to stand out from the crowd. This format is anything but corporate; this is delicate finishing method that reflects luxury and attention to detail. A designer can help you to create the look you want to achieve from intricate patterns to bold statement designs.

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Practical & Useful

The problem with a lot of business cards is that they are put away and forgotten about so a business card that is more than just a card could be a great way to stay in the forefront of your contact’s minds. From a lawn company with business cards containing grass seeds to edible cards from a bakery and the repair company with a business card that doubles up as a tool – with some imagination you can create a business card that actually adds value for potential and existing contacts.

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Augmented reality

Adding an element of interactivity through augmented reality (AR) is another approach to creating memorable business cards if it’s relevant to your type of business. With AR, there are a variety of interactive elements that could be included, such as company presentation videos or individual introductions. Read more about how AR business cards work here.


For an artisan business wanting to demonstrate their craftsmanship and traditional approach, stamped business cards can be a good way to show this. Handmade cards feel more personal which can also make them well suited to smaller businesses.


For high-end businesses, a polished finish is essential. There are a number of ways this look can be achieved, from printing the business cards using a heavy quality stock to adding metallic foiling for an eye-catching highlight.

Duplex and triplex bonding is another method ideal for creating a high-quality impression – this method is where two or three sheets of board are bonded together to create a thicker board. Add in a printing method such as letterpress and your business cards will be as luxurious as they come.

Double-sided Design

Your business cards don’t have to be printed single-sided – if you’ve got lots to say then why not opt for double-sided instead. This way you can ensure you have all the important details on one side and then the other side can be utilised for an eye-catching design.

Remember, first impressions count and with companies making new connections all the time, it’s important that your business card is memorable whilst also accurately reflecting the character of the company and, crucially, contains up to date contact details if they do want to get in touch.

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