Employer Branding at Urban Guild

What really is Employer Branding?

Employment branding may be regarded as an image, identity, representation or impression which organisations create in order to attract current and future candidates to their organisation. It is about having a story that is emitted across all communication channels, experiences and programs, so that candidates receive a consistent and clear message in an engaging way.


Effective employer branding is the combination of both communications and marketing to achieve both a credible and desirable brand position. The process of implementing employer branding starts by understanding your unique employer qualities and continues into sustaining the employer brand as a living, vibrant and attractive entity. Long term, you should be measuring performance and adjusting activities and strategies to continuously improve. The end result of employer branding is to stimulate business growth and achieve your strategic business goals.


Both your employer brand and your external customer brand strategies need to be aligned if they are to reflect a consistent message and attract the right people. The bigger the organisation, the more people will have already formed an opinion of it, so it’s essential that the two are not working against each other. For current and prospective employees to receive the same messages about your brand – messages that will hopefully become synonymous with your organisation – the two strategies must compliment one another.


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