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Emotional Branding: Appealing to our inner hero

Halfords has launched with a new visual identity this week and debuts a new TV spot on the 8th June.

The rebrand comes as a result of in-house research which revealed that whilst consumers know about Halfords as a brand, there isn’t that emotional connection with the products and services on offer.

The new campaign is based on the concept of the journey, which ties in with the brand’s involvement with aspects of travel and transport.

Halfords emotional branding approach, is an approach that more and more brands have taken over recent years, and with great succcess.

The practice of brands appealing directly to a consumer’s ego, emotional state, needs and aspirations creates a bond between the consumer and the product by provoking the consumer’s emotion. Whilst there is some rational thought involved, appealing to emotions can establish a lasting connection in the minds and hearts of consumers. In order for humans to create a relationship between themselves and a brand, the brand needs to portray a particular personality with specific values and symbols attached to it

Using the emotional branding approach

Emotional branding used in conjunction with storytelling is key. People relate to life stories, much more so than content that features or promotes a product.

If your aim is to build a relationship with your consumers, it doesn’t have to be centred around products. Many popular adverts haven’t focused on a product at all, yet they are memorable because they connect with their consumers. Used successfully, emotional branding can create a brand so powerful that it creates consumer loyalty. By tapping into your consumers needs, aspirations and emotions you build a connection that endures.

Google created the popular ‘Dear Sophie’ advert for Google Chrome – using the story of a father capturing special and important moments throughout his young daughter’s life as she grew up, using Google products.


Another brand that is very good at using emotional branding as part of their brand strategy is Nike, as this short video discusses.



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Image Credit: Canva