Case Study Dorset Commercial Cleaning

The Journey with Dorset Commercial Cleaning:

Shaking up expectations.

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Past Inspiration

Dorset Commercial Cleaning are Dorset’s leading commercial cleaning company and provide the very best cleaning services to all sorts of businesses across the county, from offices and shops to manufacturing and medical facilities. They approached us requesting a rebrand that would shake up the expectations of what a cleaning company's corporate identity could look like.

Future Creation

With the new brand, we wanted to be disruptive within their sector. We achieved this by thinking outside of the box when it came to the typography of the brand, as well as the colour palette. We want Dorset Commercial Cleaning to be noticed, to be loud and to be company that first comes to mind when a client thinks of professional, bespoke cleaning.

The destination

We have a lot of respect here at Global for small and local business and are always up for supporting them in any way we can. Together with Dorset Commercial Cleaning, we built a brand that can be noticed for their strengths and professionalism in their sector.

Welcome to Dorset Commercial Cleaning