Design Ideas for Your Home

Everyday items in your home may have to be functional but that shouldn’t stop them from looking stylish and interesting. We’re constantly on the hunt for great design so we were really excited to stumble across the site Umbra. The company was started by Toronto based graphic designer Paul Rowen when he couldn’t find a nice lampshade so decided to create his own and found that others liked it too. The shop now offers hundreds of different items for the home, placing aesthetic design beside functionality making items such as toilet brushes, soap dispensers and dish racks something you’d want to display rather than hide.

    1. Conceal Book Shelf – Turn storage solutions into talking points with something like this this conceal bookshelf that turns a pile of books into a work of art. Once the shelf has been concealed, it looks as though you have books floating on the wall. This is ideal if you are limited on space and want a handy shelf for storing just a few cookery or study books, for example. Priced from $13.conceal_book_shelf
    2. Geo Bottle Opener – Never has a bottle opener looked quite so minimal and stylish as this geo bottle opener. Made from die cast metal lending it a nice weight, this is the perfect addition to any elegant kitchen. Priced at $15.480295-505_1401823665676_3
    3. Subway Multi Hooks – The Subway multi hooks are another example of how great design and creativity can turn a seemingly uninteresting item into something that looks great on your wall, even when not in use. Price from $30.Subway Multihook
    4. Pongo Table Tennis – The great beauty of this pongo table tennis set is the way it can be easily set up and put away wherever you like – perfect for taking away on holiday to keep both little and big kids occupied. Featuring paddles with retractable handles and a portable net, all stored in a drawstring pouch, it packs neatly away. Price from $40.480280-909_0_3
    5. Swingus Photo Display – if you have plenty of photos but not enough space, this lovely compact photo display offers an elegant solution. Ideal for your desk in the office or homes that are short on surface space, the swingus photo display has space for four photos. Price from $40.623036387951647436_1adfd5fa8757