Using Social Media as a Customer Service Tool


Customers expect their questions and complaints to be dealt with via social media. We’ve put together these tips to ensure you’re well equipped to tackle the challenge. 

Make a Plan

Plan your social media strategy around building a relationship with customers. Consider the tools you’ll use to do this, including processes for handling feedback, queries and complaints. 

Don’t Dodge Negative Feedback

It may seem easier to not respond to negative comments, however unaddressed posts can easily damage your brand reputation. The important thing is to show that you are engaged, welcome their feedback and are willing to help address any issues that may occur. 

Timing is Everything

Consumers expect things to happen quickly. That’s not to say that you need to have someone available 24/7, but aim to respond to any queries as quickly as possible. One report found that 60% of customers who complain on social media expect a response within one hour

Social Saves You Money

It could be time to do away with call centres altogether, as it turns out that solving customer issues via social media costs a sixth of the costs of call centre interaction. Moreover, engaging and responding to customers via social leads to an increase in spending between 20 and 40% more.

Don’t Lose Your Personality

Just because you’re focused on providing great customer service, doesn’t mean you should lose your unique brand personality. Company social media channels should have a human voice especially when serving as a customer service tool.

Using social media as a customer service tool for your restaurant might still be uncharted territory for you but don’t be afraid to take that step. As long as you make a plan before you set off on this new adventure and follow the tips above, you’ll wonder why you weren’t using social media earlier!

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Have you got any hints and tips for using social media as a customer service tool? Let us know and we’ll feature them in a future blog post.