Cracking Creative Chocolate for Easter


Our studio has a bit of a sweet tooth and rarely a day goes by without some sort of treat gracing our desks. Of course Easter is no exception and we thought this was the perfect opportunity to check out some of the more creative and luxury offerings this year. Read on to discover what we’re hoping the Easter bunny will deliver this year…

Chocolate Hen 2

Choc on Choc Chocolate Hen & Mini Eggs

Featuring half a kilo of milk chocolate, this hen is a perfect treat for animal loving chocoholics. The creation comes from Choc on Choc who known for their unusual and creative confections. The hen also features hand painted white chocolate feathers and golden mini eggs making this a delicious alternative to the usual easter egg.

Head to the Choc on Choc website to find out more.


Artisan du Chocolat Sculpture Egg

If you’re looking for an Easter gift with the wow factor, look no further than this impressive option. The Sculpture Egg could easily pass off as an ornament thanks to the beautiful shimmering tear-drop shape moulded from 70% Columbian dark chocolate holding a ganache filled, 18 carat gold leaf egg. Dark mini eggs have been concealed within the packaging giving it a playful touch.

Hunt it down on the Artisan du Chocolat website for more information.

Hotel Chocolat Classic Ostrich Egg

The ultimate in Easter gifts, inspired by the ostrich who lays the largest eggs of any living bird. This Easter egg packs in over half a kilo of chocolate. The egg itself is made with half 40% milk chocolate packed with crunchy cookies and puffed rice, and half 50% milk chocolate with crispy feuilletine. If that wasn’t enough, there is also a tray of 27 chocolates to enjoy. Don’t forget about the six golden eggs hidden inside the box too!

Tempted? Hop over to the Hotel Chocolat website now.

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