The Craftsmanship of Letterpress Printing


Letterpress printing is one of the oldest printing methods in existence. The way the letters are inked and pressed against the paper requires a physical representation of each individual character. This is why the craft of letterpress can make it an expensive process. Whilst commercial letterpress is in decline, many still use the process for smaller print runs.

Letterpress is a very tactile form of printing; from the coldness and weight of metal type and the rhythm of printing machines cycling quietly to the smell of the oil and ink and the joy at seeing the final finished article.

The individual or ‘one-off’ nature of letterpress has grown in appeal thanks to a growing demand for artisan and home-grown products. Because of the level of detail involved, each item is handled, prepared and checked individually.


It’s the crisp definition of text, combined with these slight imperfections that make it such a desired method. Letterpress printing represents craftsmanship, individuality and uniqueness that more commercial methods don’t. Whether stationary or business cards, documents just look that little bit more special when they’re letterpress printed particularly when combined with a quality stock and special finishes such as embossing and foiling.

If you are looking to add status to your document, for example invitations where you want to convey character, then letterpress is a great printing method to go for.

To inspire you, we’ve curated a collection of stunning examples below.

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Image credit: E.E. Chrisp Letterpress and It’s Nice That