Case Study Chewton Wealth Management

The Journey with Chewton Wealth Management:

Creating a fresh and ground breaking brand.

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Past Inspiration

Chewton Wealth Management is a family business, founded on trust, empathy and sound professional advice. Together we created a beautiful brand that reflected that equally beautiful story. Chewton were delighted with their new, fresh colour palette. The mint green and white reflected their honest advice and approachable nature - separating them from other wealth management companies who often rely on darker shades to achieve this level of "smart".

Future Creation

Together we went on a creative journey, starting with the brand and a range of different sophisticated assets, progressing through to their LinkedIn tone of voice and beyond. We have a lot of love and respect for Chewton Wealth Management, and it is easy to see why they are retaining clients across the generations. Click here, to start your financial creative journey.

The destination

We have a real depth of experience within the Financial sector. We have been honoured to work with giants Williams de Broë, Investec and St. James's Place. Chewton Wealth Management is an excellent example of how we can create unique, professional, and outstanding brands for every kind of occasion or client.

Welcome to Chewton Wealth Management