Advertisement video created for Britannia

Case Study Britannia Parking

The Journey with Britannia Parking:

A standout advertising campaign.

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Advertisement video created for Britannia

Past Inspiration

With over 25 years experience establishing and managing car parks, Britannia Parking has earned the reputation for being one of the most respected operators in the UK. Britannia approached us requesting an advertising campaign that would catch the eye of passersby and contain strong, standout messaging. Of course, we are excited to see how we can push the brand.

Future Creation

To create an eye-catching advertising and social campaign, we worked closely with Britannia to realise their vision on how they saw the campaign looking to them. We used standout messaging together with a bespoke typeface and bold colouring to draw the attention of passersby towards the advertisement. We also produced an advertisement video and commissioned professional photography for use in the advertising campaign.

The destination

Working with and elevating local businesses is one of our favourite briefs to receive here at global, and Britannia was no different. We created an effective, branded, advertising campaign for Britannia and we hope to work closely with them again on future projects.

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