The Power of Branding


There’s one thing that unites the companies above – they each have a highly recognisable brand. It should not be underestimated how formidable branding can be. With the power to influence how a company is perceived, branding can either make or break a company.


What’s the big idea?

Every company needs to have a big idea. It forms the very core of your brand and focuses every other aspect of the business as a result. Your big idea will define you as a company and is the thing that makes you stand out from your competitors. It reflects your offer and it forms your personality. Without a big idea, you cannot move forward as a brand.

Stand out from the competition

What makes your offer different/more desirable than anyone else’s? Branding can help create and communicate that difference. The strength of a brand can position a product as having a unique character and promise – rather than it purely becoming another commodity amongst other identical commodities. To achieve this, your brand needs to have emotional resonance with customers. It is this connection that leads to customers paying more for one particular product over another very similar product, and that is the result of what that brand represents and means to them. Quite simply, that company has added value to the offer and that usually boils down to branding.

The heart and soul of your business

There are some key components of your brand that will help your brand stand out from the competition. These are your vision, values and personality – all of which determine the connection you have with your customers.

Vision: where are you going?

Think about where you want to be as a business. The scope of your vision can either be large scale or it can be simpler. The vision will help you to focus the business and put what you need to do to achieve that into action.

Values: what do you believe in?

Values relate to how people see your organisation. This is where you have a good opportunity to differentiate your brand, since many businesses often opt for the same kinds of values such as quality, passion and innovation, which are perfectly good values to have but it’s all down to how that is communicated. Bringing us neatly to the next point…

Personality: how do you want to come across?

Make your brand shine with a clear and confident, well defined use of tone, language and design. This relates back to the point above on values and differentiating your brand. Take a look at the examples listed here and note how each brand personality comes through.

The connection between design and branding

It is essential to understand that your logo is just one manifestation of a brand. Whilst your logo will hopefully become the marque that makes your company distinctive and recognisable, it should embody all the key ingredients of your brand.

To achieve this, a designer will work with you to understand the brand and translate your big idea into a visual representation which encompasses your vision, values and personality. A brand identity can incorporate a range of elements such as colour, illustration and typography.

A good way to maintain consistency and clarity of the designs and overall big idea of your brand is to have brand guidelines. This provides a clear explanation of how design elements should be applied and used in visual manifestation of the brand.

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