Surround yourself with the dreamers,
the believers, the planners and the creators.

Our branding workshop is designed for
Multi Adviser Practices looking to refresh
or establish a brand that works for them.

The workshop covers the value of branding, what ‘great’ looks like and the story and personality behind a successful brand.
Branding and ‘communicating your brand’ are big topics, and you will understand the process and results using
‘behind the scenes’ insights and case studies of leading Solent Practices, and the larger financial world.

This is a very

‘practical’ workshop.

You will take away effective methods that
will immediately make an impact on your practise.

The workshop enables the client to think about things in depth
and gives the opportunity to point out any contradictions
between what the stakeholders want, what is achievable,
and what their business really offers.

Larger businesses may have a personality and mission
that has changed over time, or we build on the heritage
of the brand’s origin.

Safe space

for the whole team

We design the workshop to be a safe, collaborative space, to challenge current perceptions and to create a coherent vision for how the future company growth can be supported by the brand.

Initially some stakeholders can feel shy, cynical or don’t like being challenged, but because the process of the workshop is collaborative it makes pushing them feel safer for all involved. Quite often the challenges will come from within the stakeholder group.

We find that the often the most reticent stakeholders open up and become the most insightful, with challenging viewpoints that shape the direction of the brand. All stakeholders come away with a different perspective and a strong sense of ‘team’.

Brands that have explored with us​

What comes after

the branding workshop

Once the workshop is complete, Global distils the findings into a brand perception report – the anonymised results and our perspective on the outputs.

We highlight contradictions and disconnects between stakeholders, and offer our insights on how they can be overcome alongside our recommendations for the brand. Once stakeholders have read through the perception report we’ll typically have a call or short meeting with them to discuss and refine to a point where everyone is happy to move forward. Then the work ofbrand creation begins.

Brands that have explored with us​

Our work speaks for itself