Behind the scenes of InBrief

Following on from our launch of InBrief last week we thought we’d go behind the scenes as our brand new magazine, InBrief, went through the print and finishing process.


We have our own litho print presses here at The Global Group so we can maintain our high standards throughout the creative process, from early concepts through to delivery. Working closely with our production team, we were able to ensure that the magazine was to our exact specification.

Food & Hospitality InBrief is printed on Fedrigoni Acroprint Milk 85gsm, complimenting the image-led design and typographic layouts. We wanted the publication to look and feel like a cross between a magazine and a newspaper, something that could be read from cover to cover during a lunch break or over a cup of coffee.

After weeks of design, development and refinement, the magazine was ready to hit our presses. We’re often asked about this stage of the process, so here’s a quick rundown of what happens next:

1. Final sign off and double checking
The magazine is checked and double checked by our team, making sure that everyone involved is happy, to avoid any ‘Stop the press!’ situations.

2. Creating a press ready PDF
Once the work has been signed off, it is then time for the design team to create a four colour (CMYK) press ready file that includes 3mm of bleed and crop marks, ready for the production team downstairs.

3. Laying up
This file is then opened in specialist software and laid up in order to begin the plate making process.

4. Making the plates
Here, the artwork is split into four colours which then gets exposed just like a photograph onto photosensitive aluminium sheets, known as ‘Plates’.

5. Press the print button!
These plates are then fed into our litho presses and coated with it’s corresponding colour. The coloured image is rolled onto a cylinder, which makes an impression on the paper being fed through the press. As the paper moves through each set of rollers, the colours mix to create a full colour image on the page.

6. Finishing

Once the printing of the magazine is complete, the pages are collated, guillotined and fed into our binding machine.

Scroll down to view photos as the magazine hit our presses and a making of video.


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