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Case Study Banque & Bohem

The Journey with Banque & Bohem:

Creating a distinct high-end look.

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Past Inspiration

Embrace the possibilities of a new adventure.

The restaurant, set in a beautiful historic building that had been lovingly restored to its former glory by a passionate team of hospitality entrepreneurs, marked the start of a new and exciting journey.

With a lot of competition in Bournemouth, the Banque & Bohem team knew they had to make a real impact with the style and design of the venue. So, the challenge we had was to create a visual identity that captured the personality of this fusion restaurant, whilst creating a look that would capture the attention of customers in a highly competitive marketplace.

Future Creation

Design for the discerning customer.

Located in an emerging new nightspot that catered for a more sophisticated and discerning market, it was important to create a brand that had a distinct high-end look. Banque & Bohem were looking to position themselves as somewhere special, where one can relax, work and party in elegant style.

The colours selected for the core visual identity – ink blue and gold – help to evoke that sense of luxury and sophistication. Whilst the deco inspired logo communicates the elegant style of Banque & Bohem.