Assemble DIY pinhole camera in 30 minutes

Plenty of fantastic projects come from Kickstarter and the Viddy is no exception. Dubbed as the “cutest DIY pinhole camera Kit”, the Viddy is perfect as a gift for photography lovers and design enthusiasts. The Viddy is a DIY medium format and 35mm pinhole camera. Each set is screen printed and die-cut by hand in the UK, coming in four colours: black, red, green and blue.

Best of all, it takes just 30 minutes to go from flat-pack to assembled camera, with the help of split pins, stickers and a drop of glue to put it together. As well as the main camera body, the set also includes a reclaimed medium format spool, a precision laser-cut pinhole and a red light-proof window to get you started. Perfect for both adults and children, the Viddy is simple to use and fully functional.


The Viddy is the little brother of the Videre pinhole camera, a slightly larger model also created by Kelly and the Pop-Up Pinhole Company. Whether you are new to pinhole photography or more experienced, there is also a supporting app to support you whilst out and about trying out the Viddy, helping you to decide how long to expose for based on film speed and light conditions so you can produce perfectly exposed photographs.

Backers can pledge £1 to show their support, £30 for a kit up to £500 for a school kit with 10 kits and lesson plans. You can also receive a workshop day, perfect for schools and colleges by donating £1,500. Backers can pledge until September 8th 2014, with the cameras expected to ship in November if the target amount is raised.