Emma Allen World Cup Trophy Make Up

Artist in World Cup Trophy Transformation

As the England team prepares for their match today, it seems fitting that our blog post is also World Cup related. Emma Allen, an artist based in London has transformed herself into the World Cup trophy thanks to the clever use of body paint.

Emma Allen World Cup Trophy Make Up

The whole process took three hours, beginning with Emma wearing a bald cap before painting herself in various shades of gold paint to replicate the detail in the cup, with green bands on her wrists for the base of the trophy.  To complete the look, she then painted her arms black before  leaning against a black pillow and positioning herself into the iconic trophy. Emma said in an interview with the London Standard, “the hardest part was getting my arms and hands in the right position. I took a lot of pictures before settling on the right one.”

Since posting the picture online, the artist has had more than 500,000 views in 24 hours and has received praise from the likes of Ian Wright, former England forward, who said, “You’re awesome! I bow to your gift.”

This is one of several transformational looks that Emma has created. She has also produced a mesmerising stop-motion video of herself ageing, dying and being reincarnated, which is as equally impressive.

Via Design Taxi.