Amazon to open checkout free grocery shop

Amazon recently gave us a glimpse of how we might be shopping for groceries in the future.

The corner shop by the e-commerce giant, which is due to open in 2017, allows customers to pick up their groceries and leave the store without having to queue and pay at the checkout. This approach tackles one of the key areas of retail where consumers still prefer to go into physical stores.

The Amazon Go store in Seattle has sensors, which detect and record which products the customer has selected. On leaving the store, Amazon then bills the customer’s Amazon Prime account.

Removing the checkout process makes the whole shopping experience a breeze. All customers need to do on entering the store is to swipe in using the Go App. Once that’s been done, the customer is free to pick up their groceries.

This concept goes a step further than mobile payments, which are now offered in-store.

Whether this will be the model for high street retailers in the near-future remains to be seen. One of the key questions, if we are going to remove the checkout process, is how it would work across multiple retailers. There hasn’t been a great deal of investment in store technology so far so there is a huge scope for exploring how to simplify the in-store shopping experience. As ever, Amazon are at the forefront of improving customer experience so it will be interesting to see how this concept is received once it opens to shoppers.


Image Credit: Business Insider