A Look at the Rio 2016 Olympics Branding

The three words that describe the host city of this year’s Olympic and Paralympic games are colourful, exuberant and vibrant and this is also true of the visual identity of the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Rio 2016 Olympics

There are several parts to the identity of the Olympics. The icon for the main Olympic games, which on first glance looks like three people holding hands but this thoughtful and considered logo contains so much more, drawing inspiration from the culture, landscape and society of Brazil. The three people are in an embrace, representing the passion that unifies all Brazilians. The logo also represents the four pillars through the fluid lines and bright colours – contagious energy, Olympic spirit, exuberant nature and harmonious diversity. The Paralympic logo also represents these pillars. The main logo also contains the letters in the word Rio.

In addition to the logos, are the vibrant emblems that have been inspired by the rich landscapes of Rio and includes illustrations depicting the city’s best-loved icons, including Sugarloaf Mountain and Corcovado. Looking to inspire, the emblems bring people and cultures together at the Games. The goal is to create a celebratory atmosphere and a unique experience for all visitors.

Brazil has a vibrant culture and its most popular native dishes reflect this. If you can’t make it over to watch the Rio Olympics, get in the spirit by serving up some of the country’s popular dishes accompanied of course, with ice cold beers and caipirinhas.

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