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As it’s Valentine’s Day this week, we’re sharing our love of print finishes. For brands, the type of print finish you use can really make a difference, so it’s really handy to know what’s available out there. Although, if you’re not sure, our fantastic team can give you advice. Over the coming weeks we’ll be covering some of those more frequently asked questions, so if there is anything you want to know, ask away!

One of the great things about having a design studio with an in-house print facility means that we get to oversee everything from the initial design to the finishing process and collectively we have a great wealth of knowledge about both the design and production process, from how to make the print production process sustainable to the range of finishes available.

Read on to find which print finishes our studio love and why…

SPOT UV_Example_1

Spot UV & Soft Touch Laminate:

Spot UV is both versatile and tactile, giving an element of subtlety and confidence. Whilst soft touch laminate adds a velvet-like finish that creates a truly interactive print experience. This combination when used appropriately can make a genuine difference to a piece of design and gives it a high-end feel. These finishes can be a great way to give the illusion of different textures, for example wood grain or the surface of a table-tennis bat.

– Dan, Designer


Vinyl Cutting

Vinyl cutting has become one of the most popular finishing techniques. It can create a three-dimensional look and so takes a great piece of design to a different level. It can be very effective at creating impact so people are more engaged with not only the look, but also the feel of a design resulting in a memorable experience.

Vinyl cutting can really get the best out of brand logos, typographic signage and design, brochures, folders and business cards. The list is endless! By making it more interactive and tactile, it is a very appealing finish. It’s also very versatile and can be used on a range of materials, including paper, card and foiled paper. It can even be used for fabric, vinyl, cork, wood veneer and felt.

– Olivia, Designer


Glitter Print

My favourite print finish has to be glitter print, and the more bling the better! The combination of the glitter and the varnish gives both a tactile and visual impact.

It can be used to enhance an already colourful piece of design or as main focal point, and works brilliantly against a solid colour. Historically, we’ve seen it being selected for Christmas themed pieces of work or black tie event invites and brochures. This form of finish is completely under-utilised. The glitter is available in a variety of colours so we have the tools to add sparkle and glitz at any time of the year.

– Sam, Client Services


Foil Blocking

There aren’t many print finishes that can create a premium, high-end look & feel more effectively than foil blocking. Although this is one of the finishes most commonly used, this technique isn’t just limited to gold and silver. There is also the option of using a variety of coloured, textured & pigmented foils. Combine it with debossing or embossing for a genuinely stunning, tactile result.

– Sharon, Artworker


Paper Stock

Choosing a beautiful paper stock is as equally important for your brand, as the type of finish you choose. Bear in mind your target audience and the brand perception as to whether you keep things elegant and simple or glamorous and opulent. If you do opt for a beautiful paper stock, ensure you use traditional litho print and not digital. The reason being that with digital print the toner based ink sits on the top of the stock and you end up losing the effect and grain of the paper.

Treat choosing your finishes with the same consideration as other elements of the design as this really does help portray the desired visual tone and language.

– Darren, Creative Director


Print finishes can give any piece of design that added wow factor, and help your marketing collateral really stand out. However, with lots of different options, it can be a challenge to know which finish will work best for your brand. We’re always happy to discuss what options are available and provide samples so you can see for yourself how it looks. Head to our print production page for more information.

If you’d like to incorporate one of these print finishes into your next project or would like a quote for any other design/print project, give The Global Group a call to discuss on 01202 727070 or get in touch via our Contact Page.

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