5 internal comms trends for 2018


Wondering what the key internal communication trends will be in 2018? We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Read on to find out more.

Employee-fronted Internal Comms

Gone are the days of top down communications, instead going into 2018 more businesses will involve their staff to get messages to the masses. Businesses will have ambassadors or advocates who will feedback key messages amongst their team. An advantage of this form of communication – peer-to-peer content – is that it builds trust amongst your team.


Not only is video a dominant content trend, in 2018 it will be an internal communications trend. With an increasing reliance upon remote workers, there has been a growing demand for more personal forms of communication. Within a business, video is incredibly useful – from conference calls to training and on-boarding. Its applications are only limited by your creativity.

Employee experience

In 2018, one key area that businesses should be focusing on is the employee experience. This all-encompassing trend covers everything from physical environment to technology to workplace culture and wellness. By understanding and improving the employee experience, it will enable companies to successfully attract and retain employees, which will in turn benefit the customer experience. To develop an integrated employee experience requires HR and business leaders to work together, combining insights and experience in a range of areas.


Remote working and the gig economy

As more businesses rely on freelance and remote workers, businesses in 2018 will need to ensure that they are delivering unified communications. It is likely that over the next year, the intranet will make a return, in an attempt to move everything into a single digital workspace. There will also be a move to streamline the number of enterprise social networks in use across the business to ensure that remote and in-house employees connect and become integrated in the company culture.

Digital Signage

An increasing number of businesses will be using digital signage as part of their internal comms in 2018. Strategically placed screens keep employees informed with real-time updates. It can spark two-way conversations by highlighting employee feedback and activity on enterprise social networks and encourage social participation. Digital signage also has the benefit of being able to compliment other internal communication campaigns.

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