5 Inspiring Menu Designs

A well designed menu is a crucial part of any restaurant and whether good or bad, can leave a lasting impression of the restaurant. Do it right and it can also be a great way to encourage your customers to spend more.

Whilst it may be tempting to do-it-yourself, consider hiring a designer. Carefully considered branding that reflects the personality of your restaurant and the service you offer plays a huge part in the success of a business. The menu is your best chance at selling your dishes so making use of typography, photography, colour and white space, amongst other design elements to make everything look and sound delicious is crucial. If your guests aren’t enticed, they may not be tempted into ordering anything.

We’ve rounded up 5 different menu designs to get you inspired – check them out below.

Ides Restaurant, Australia


Ides began as a monthly pop-up in Melbourne, Australia before being developed into a permanent space. The contrast between the dark boards of the cover and the bright white space of the interior pages is striking and eye catching. The focus is on high quality, sharp photographs of the dishes with minimal dish descriptions offering further detail, helping to sell the food.

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Nandos Chow and Cheers Menu


This Chow and Cheers menu for a special concept Nando’s in Johannesburg, South Africa presents the menu in a unique and memorable way. The bamboo board and laser etched cork provide a tactile experience. The cover design draws on both African and Portuguese elements, blended together beautifully to offer an interesting and fun menu.

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Moi Helsinki


Located in the arrivals hall at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Moi Helsinki aims to be a welcoming destination for visitors arriving into the country. The branding therefore is fun and lively, as demonstrated in their menu design. Moi draw on the idea that visitors may not be familiar with the local language and so the drinks menu cover offers ways to order a beer in a gold foiled lettering, which gives the menu a quality finish.

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Hotel Koster


Hotel Koster is a hotel located on South Koster island, within Sweden’s Kosterhavets Marine National Park. The contemporary menu has a simple illustrative style and slab serif type. The colour palette is inspired by the hotel’s water-based environment, with blue hues. The unfussy approach and clear layout makes it easy for guests to read at a glance and make their choice.

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Podium Restaurant, Hilton Park Lane Hotel


We were involved in designing and producing menus for Podium Restaurant. To reflect the luxury feel of their restaurant and the amazing food on offer, we simplified the logo and created a disk emblem and developed a new colour palette for the brand to give it a fresh and elegant look. The new logo incorporates a circular typeface and symbol reflecting the contemporary nature of Podium Restaurant, whilst the use of plum and silver/grey tones are a nod to the high-end market they target.

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