5 Common Employee Engagement Mistakes

employee engagement

An engaged workforce is essential. Research from Gallup has shown that employee engagement is strongly connected to business outcomes and financial success, such as productivity, profitability and customer engagement. Engaged employees drive innovation, growth and revenue.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that are made when building employee engagement

The Robots Are Taking Over

You aren’t a faceless human, so why represent the business this way? Human connection is everything. Think creatively about how you can gather feedback in order to quantify engagement. A variety of methods are available for reaching and engaging employees, from the method of delivery to the design. 


Once Is Never Enough

Building engagement is ongoing, and you need to work on culture continually. Repetition helps to create a sense of familiarity which in turn builds engagement. A great deal of engagement relates to feeling included and respected. 


Us and Them

A common mistake is the separation between management and employees. Management needs to be visible, present and accountable. Work with employees to build a strong, engaged workforce rather than standing separately. 


Money isn’t Everything

Sometimes just a ‘thank you’ or selection of treats for the team can be all it takes for people to feel that they’re making a genuine contribution to the business. Avoid falling into the trap of normalising outstanding work. Recognise and reward such special achievements accordingly.


Keeping It To Yourself

Look at ways to build transparency in a way that will create trust. Encourage the sharing of ideas to boost innovation and creativity. Feedback should also be encouraged. Criticism is tough, but it is important for improvement. Engagement boils down to one key factor – emotional connection. 

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