4 questions every brand should be able to answer


Your brand’s personality and customer personas underpin the essence of your business. Every aspect of your business is guided by who you are. If you can’t pin down any of the following questions, maybe it’s time for a brand review…

Who are you?

Your brand and purpose defines what you do, and why.
To help define who you are, consider your brand as a person – how would you describe them?

Are you joyful, or are you serious?

What Are Your Customer Personas?

What kind of people would associate with your brand?

These help you to build a profile of your customer types and how best to connect with them.

How will they find you?

Pinpoint who your customers are and the tone of voice they will be expecting.

Be where your customers are, so you can deliver engaging and focused brand communications.

Why should they care?

Your customers need to be at the heart of everything you do.

Having a great product isn’t enough anymore.

Provide customers with a valuable experience.

All businesses are underpinned with these branding basics. If you are struggling to get to grips with any of these aspects, get in touch. A brand review is the initial step in any brand adventure and will kick start the mission to boost the success of your business.