10 tips for using Pinterest to market your business

Pinterest is a popular visual bookmarking tool, with 100 million users. Whilst it can be great for individuals, it is also a brilliant tool for brands as part of their content strategy. Here are ten tips to help you make the most of Pinterest:

1) Include the Pinterest pin button on your website – one of the best ways to increase brand awareness is to add a Pinterest pin button so that your customers can pin and share your content

2) Theme your boards – Create themed boards related to your business to show different aspects of it

3) Inspire customers – Pinterest is all about inspiring people. Present your products or service in a creative way. For example, a restaurant might post beautifully presented images of their dishes or create a board of recipe ideas featuring seasonal ingredients

4) Use hashtags to aid discovery – There is no point posting great content if it can’t be found. Ensure you optimize pins by including hashtagged keywords in the description. This is really helpful for pinners as they can then search for related content by clicking on those hashtags

[pin_board url=”https://uk.pinterest.com/globalgroupuk/lettering-and-typography/” size=”custom” image_width=”100″ board_width=”700″]

5) Include keywords within board titles – Keep your board titles descriptive and make sure you optimize board titles to include keywords as this will help aid content discovery

6) Pin consistently and at the best times – To grow your followers, pin regularly. This ensures you are providing fresh content. Do some research into when the best time to Pin your content. Some studies suggest that the afternoon is most effective, but you should use your analytics to work out when is the ideal time for your brand.

7) Pinterest is all about lifestyle – Try to avoid featuring only pins from your brand. Instead, use boards to create a lifestyle around your brand. For example, a hotel might create a ‘Dream bedrooms’ board or a ‘lazy Sunday mornings’ board. Use your imagination and get creative.

8) Humanize your brand – Share some behind the scenes content so that customers can get to know more about you. From a brand history board to meet the team, they all help to show the people behind the brand.

9) Interact with other pinners – Make sure that you don’t just pin content. Interacting with other pinners can help you build up followers too – like other people’s related pins and leave comments showing your appreciation and you will soon see the number of grow.

10) Integrate trends into your Pinterest content strategy – Look at what is currently trending and see if you can build this into your content strategy – if certain words or phrases are popular, such as Halloween or Christmas, consider creating a board that ties in with that trend, for example, Halloween Party food or Festive Snacks for the holiday season.

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Image Credit: Pinterest